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Debugging Node.js core :bug: :bug: : lldb

6 minute read

Here we level up on Node.js core debugging. This time we will use lldb. Anyone coding in C++ most likely have used a debugger at some point in time. Dependin...


2 minute read

These days I have been taking optimizing my work pretty seriously. One can only get as far with half-baked workflow.

Debugging Node.js core :bug: : stack trace

3 minute read

Up to this point printing variable content on screen, as I digged into Node.js internals, was sufficient. I wrote a bit about how variables in V8 were stored...

V8 Data Types

4 minute read

This is a short post about a few key internals of V8 and the way that the JavaScript variables are handled in the C++ code.


1 minute read

Outreachy & Node.js Outreachy is an amazing initiative providing underrepresented communities in tech an opportunity to get involved in FOSS. Participati...